Kirin Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

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Kirin Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

Name one thing that’s better than a glass of beer - two glasses maybe? Or beer that’s freezing cold with a slushie head. That’s what you’re gonna get with this frozen beer slushie maker from Kirin Ichiban. Coming from the Japanese drinks giant, the idea isn’t totally new. But it’s now available for you, for everyday use. The slushie machine uses a patented freezing technology to keep your brew ice-cold which then adds a frozen head (or foam, if you would) on the top. Two things happen with the slushie top - the beer’s flavor lasts longer and stays colder as well. The machine uses four C batteries for operation. It comes with a manual that’s written in Japanese, but the makers claim that following it is easy. Glass and beer not included however. $65+.

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