Kodak PixPro Smart Lens Camera

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The sorcery we now know as digital photography becomes even crazier with items like this next one. Conventional wisdom dictates that a box-like contraption should be called a camera body with the barrel protruding in front as the lens. But the Kodak PixPro Smart Lens Camera from JK Imaging is different. The lens itself is the camera. On the outside, it looks like a lens but hidden deep within is a sensor which effectively makes it a camera. What’s missing is the display, and that’s when your smartphone becomes handy. Just attach the PixPro Smart Lens Camera to your iOS or Android device and see the magic happen. The smartphone also controls the camera apart from displaying the images. The advantages of the PixPro over the phone’s built-in camera include a longer focal length, faster focusing and better image quality. Two models are available: the PixPro SL10 and the SL25. The first comes with a 10x optical zoom range, 1080p video recording capability and built-in Optical Image Stabilization. On the other hand, the PixPro SL25 has a longer zoom lens but basically the same features as its cheaper brother. Time to maximize your smartphone and load it up with the PixPro Smart Lens Camera and see the world in a totally different perspective. $200+.

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