KODIAK Survival Braid

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KODIAK Survival Braid

You must have seen at least one of them survival shows on TV. Discovery has a ton of them, and each show reminds you that you should bring the essentials when braving it out in the wild. Jonathan Price and Michael Mojica of Gilbert, AZ understands the rules of survival, which is why they’ve developed the KODIAK. It’s a bracelet made of Paracord that hides a fishing line, a fishing hook, some tinder and a firestarter, all arranged neatly into a manly accessory. The clip makes wearing or removing the bracelet easy, so you’re sure you won’t forget this important survival tool. Please remember though that having this doesn’t mean you’ll be safe in the wilderness, because knowledge is still key. It’s looking for funding now and if you want a manly bracelet that’s also built for survival situations, you know what to do. $15+.

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