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As far as external hard disk drives are concerned, looks come in second. But LaCie wants to transform that which is why they’ve partnered yet again with Christofle to create the Sphere. The storage giants team up with one of France’s leading artisans when it comes to silverware, flatware and even furniture. To say that the Sphere is a totally different HDD is to put it very mildly. Instead of a black/grey/white box holding one or a couple of spinning drives, the Sphere is a silver orb holding 1TB of storage space. No ugly power cables to mess up the good looks of this device either, and it connects via USB 3.0 (though that part is wired). The whole thing is just 5.3″ high and weighs a paltry 1.1 lbs. It comes with a load of security software, a Backup Assistant and Eco Mode as well. Because of the obvious good looks, the Sphere is in high demand and is out of stock at the moment, though we urge you to come back for news about its availability. $490.

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