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For true enthusiasts, the term ‘last camera’ could be a bit misleading. No true photographer can actually claim that he/she is done buying cameras and that the last purchase would be the last. Which makes the name of this shooter quite a mystery. Coming in from Superheadz of Japan, the Last Camera is a DIY 35mm film camera. You read that last part right, it’s a do-it-yourself project which means you may have to exercise a bit more of the brain before using the thing. DIY cameras aren’t new to our corners, having featured the Bigshot Camera before. But that one is digital – this one is analog. Call it a hipster accessory but there’s really something worthwhile when you build things by yourself. The Last Camera features a light leak hole, to add those flares and odd colors to your shot, a la Instagram. It ships with a 22mm and 45mm lens and because this is film, those focal lengths are more than enough for your needs. Also, because of the analog factor, you don’t get the benefit of an LCD screen to preview your shots. You have to get your film developed then hope and pray that what you captured will be acceptable. $67+.

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