LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E

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To be stuck inside your house this Holiday Season is not exactly a pleasant experience. Not without fun things to do of course. You can spend countless hours watching cat videos but that wouldn’t feel the emptiness inside that you might be feeling. A better alternative is to do something with your hands. We’re not talking about that, though. We’re talking about building a replica of the largest container ship that the world has ever seen. LEGO has brought to miniature life the Maersk Line Triple-E. Coming from the Creator Expert range, the LEGO ship features over 1,500 pieces. That’s plenty enough to keep you occupied for the next couple of days or so. The attention to detail was incredible for this LEGO model. All the colors of the ocean-going vessel have been replicated faithfully. The propellers spin and the engine bay is viewable through a transparent window. There’s even a gold coin by the bow of the LEGO ship. This follows the Maersk tradition of putting coins under the mast of their actual ships for good luck. In case you want a bit more variety on the containers, you can always replace them with bricks of varying colors, to simulate what the actual ship might carry. Unfortunately, you can’t take this LEGO swimming because it doesn’t float. But it comes with its own display pedestal for display purposes. $150.

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