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Unless your computer is hooked up to a home network, you really can’t say that you are sharing the machine per se. Sure, some files or folders are accessible, but it’s an impersonal interaction at best. With the new Lenovo Flex 20 Multimode PC however, you and your family or friends can physically share the computer. When in the all-in-one mode, it acts like your average PC. But when you lay it flat and go into the tablet mode, then things get a lot more communal. The computer can recognize up to 10 touch points simultaneously and with the Aura Interface, content could be accessed by two or more users. To get you going on this new style of sharing, Lenovo loads the Flex 20 with apps and games to fully demonstrate the multi-user capability. It has a 19.5-inch screen and can be loaded with the very best of 4th Generation Intel processors. Storage can be a choice between traditional HDDs or with the faster hybrids. The Flex 20 can be pre-ordered now. $900+.

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