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As crazy as the world may seem to be at the moment, what with the government shutdown and all that crap, it’s still great to be alive at this point in time. Reality shows may be flooding the airwaves and pseudo-stars are the modern idols of today and the term ‘idiot box’ cannot be more true. But the broadcasts are in high-definition now and shows can be fast-forwarded anyway. Besides, you can always count on the Internet to get your ‘other’ fixes. By that I mean pornography, or stuff like that. What I’m saying is that it’s better to be alive right now. Patrick Henry once had a choice between liberty or death and we almost always choose the former, as explained by this t-shirt. No one likes to be imprisoned in any way, shape or form, so freedom is always a good thing. But being able to enjoy life and all that it has to offer is many times better if I may say so. No one likes checking out permanently yet, not until we’ve accomplished at least one item in our bucket list. $15.

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