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While reinventing the light bulb may be a daunting task, a lot of people are making it way better. People like Phil Bosua, the genius behind the LIFX. Simply put, this is an LED-powered light bulb so it lasts longer and it runs cheaper than its incandescent or CFL counterparts. The similarities to the norm end there though. Hook it up to your home network and you can have several features that will make you ordinary light bulb explode in confusion. The LIFX can be dimmed, change its color according to the music you’re listening to or your mood, or even be timed for automatic on or off. An downloadable app takes care of all the controls for you, and it’s good for iOS or Android users, so no conflicts there. But if you’re without your phone, the bulb can simply be turned on/off the traditional way – through switches. The Kickstarter project has reached its goal by more than a thousand fold, which means if you order now, you’ll definitely get this amazing piece of lighting marvel. $69+.

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