Lisa Fleming

The import scene has blessed us with another angel from above, Lisa Fleming. She was born April 26, 1985 in North Dakota to a Korean mother and American father (military brat) and raised in Sacramento, California. This half-Korean beauty also lived in Korea a couple years in her early childhood. Lisa started getting into the modeling industry through a modeling agency in Sacramento, but could not find any work. Eventually, she did a reality show on E! entertainment meeting some connections in So Cal who were in the import scene. Lisa admits that she was always into the import racing scene and always wanted to be a model. She says she has met alot of great people and traveled the world along with other awesome experiences. She’s appeared in ads for Cache Creek Casino from the Sacramento agency as well as various import mags and shows. Lisa has recently started her own company with a friend called mediacreated iUNITE Media Group as well as an online auto magazine called, Anit-media (ad agency), City of Angels and Inspired Models by lisakimfleming which allows aspiring models a way to get started. She’s ambitious, gorgeous, and intelligent, what a woman!

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One Comment to “Lisa Fleming”

  1. 08-11-2009 at 8:52 am
    Leslie Fune

    Hi my name is Leslie and I am from San Diego I am interested in modeling. I think that its a fun and exciting job and I am a bit of a social butterfly. I am out going fun and easy to get along with. I have been looking for the right agency to work with and I am not sure if this website is affiliated with the Lisa Flemming agency but I have heard about her agency and would like to know more information as to how I can get an interview. Well i guess that’s all for now look forward to your response.

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