Logitech Flight System G940: Force-Feedback Flight

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A great majority of young men dream of one day flying a jet liner. But not everyone gets the chance. Some end up as lab rats and the closest thing they’ll get into flying is through a video game. It’s alright though, the geeks can have the coolest toys – flight simulation included. Logitech provides that realistic flying experience with their latest gaming peripherals. The G940 system comes with a joystick, throttle, and rudder pedals to get as close to the real flying experience as possible. It comes with a built-in feedback system wherein you’ll get a real reaction whenever your virtual plane encounters turbulence, resistance, and even G-forces. The joystick and throttle controller comes with its recommended mounting points for securing on the table or gaming station so your controls don’t go flying in the thick of things. These will fly in September. $300.

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