Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

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Light is power and Logitech harnesses it with the K750, the company’s first solar-powered keyboard. Don’t be alarmed with the word ‘solar’ though since you don’t need to let this thing bake out into the sun to get charged. Indoor lights can work so your desk lamp will be as good for charging the onboard batteries that can last up to three months in total darkness. The K750 is just 1/3-inch thick and features Incurve keys that are concaved for comfort and for easy transition from key to key. There will be a downloadable app for monitoring the available power in the keyboard and a lux meter to let you know if the keyboard is getting enough light for charging so it won’t die in the middle of your status update. $80.

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    Software pentru dispozitivele viitorului - Tastatura cu incarcare solara

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