Louisville Slugger Shwood Canby

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Louisville Slugger Shwood Canby

Baseball bats have been the subject of many things. Legends have been created, street fights have been settled and burglaries have been prevented because of this fine instrument. Shwood has a much classier approach to repurposing bats however. The company hits it out of the park with the new Louisville Slugger series. Made from retired baseball bats, the frames for the new Shwood sunglass models, including this Canby, are simply exquisite. Ash wood is just beautiful to behold and that takes care of the styling part. But the wood is also known for its strength, meaning your Shwood Canby not only looks cool, it’s durable as well. Just like the Louisville Slugger bats, the frames get the flame-tempering stage to bring out that distinctive pattern. It also gives the frames more strength. Every piece is hand-finished to perfection. To complete the baseball theme, each Shwood Louisville Slugger sunglass gets a baseball-inspired pouch, and even a commemorative trading card. Now that the sun’s out and baseball season is in full swing, it’s only proper that you protect your eyes with something as cool as these shades. And because the item is also connected to baseball, then all the better. $250.

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