Marisol Gonzalez

After being crowned as Miss Mexico in 2003 and then competing in the Miss Universe pageant afterwards, Marisol Gonzalez then used her beauty to land a TV job. She became a sportscaster for Televisa. So in effect, she’s Mexico’s version of Erin Andrews. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe there’s some saucy videos of Marisol somewhere. In the meantime, let’s enjoy her awesomeness through the following photos.

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One Comment to “Marisol Gonzalez”

  1. 03-06-2010 at 10:04 am
    fernando Alberti

    Acho esta mulher linda, gostaria dentro das possibilidades que me enviasse noticias e quem sabe, fotos dela e se fosse possivel um encontro, pois sou fa, desta linda e adoravel mulher. Se pudesse receber uma foto autografada, ficaria muito feliz. Um abraço a todos. Grato pela atenção.

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