Mark I King Tiger Tank: Peace Maker

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Unleash your inner dictatorial tendencies with this 1/4th scale King Tiger Tank from Mark I Tanks of the UK. The replica World War II tank is fully detailed and remotely-operated. Working treads and a pivoting turret simulate the real thing, even the 2-foot gun has a real recoil action. Power is provided by two 500-watt, 24-volt motors that’s reportedly capable of towing a car. Internal speakers simulate the rolling thunder that scared the bejesus of the Allied Forces to complement the overall look of this 6-foot, 250 kg beast. $10,222.

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One Comment to “Mark I King Tiger Tank: Peace Maker”

  1. 01-16-2010 at 8:58 pm
    Radio Controlled Tanks

    This was a real shock to see this tank announce. I hardly could beleive that it is possible. They say it could move a real car! Unbelieveble, I thought. But later I saw a video of this tank in action. It’s wonderful! But… to expensive to get it :)

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