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Let’s clear things up first - no, the Marmoset FB Slingshot isn’t made by Facebook. FB means ‘flat band’ and that’s plain to see with this weapon. The Marmoset wakes up your inner hunter with its ultra-exotic design and performance. Oddly-shaped but totally useful, the handle is laser-etched and cut with a polyurethane coating to protect it from the elements. That unique shape allows you to shoot the slingshot sideways. The killing power comes from the Theraband Gold band sets that come with guides for a straight shot. It comes with an iron sight as well, to make sure you hit your targets accurately. Perfect for your outdoor trips when hunting might be involved for survival or otherwise. Sure, you may argue that guns would be more effective in the hunt but try bringing a gun at the airport and let’s see what happens. Only 10 samples of the Marmoset will be made and one happens to be in stock from Metro Grade Goods. $50.

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