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Wielded by a proper virtuoso, there are few instruments that could rival the sweetness of an acoustic guitar. Don’t let all that goodness fall on deaf ears though. Project your sound with the Marshall AS50D acoustic amplifiers. Designed specifically to cover the acoustic range, the 50W amp has a solid state circuitry with two inputs. That power is delivered by two, 8″ Celestion speakers with an 8 ohm impedance. Built within the AS50D are special effects for your acoustic guitar as well. These include a chorus and a reverb, with an effects loop to vary your sound. It’s even loaded with anti-feedback controls to keep your sound pure. Outside, the amp looks absolutely sublime. It is a Marshall Amp, after all so no surprises there. But this isn’t built just for guitars exclusively. The amp will gladly play anything with a pickup, piezo or a microphone, whether it’s passive of active. For an awesome demonstration of the sweet sound of the Marshall AS50D, check out Gordon Giltrap in this video. You might say that the sound is good because he plays good. Well then, consider this as a challenge to you budding guitarists out there. Mastery of an instrument involves an insane amount of practice so this is your cue to start on it. $400.

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