Mini Marshall Amp: Rock On The Roll

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Get that tune or guitar lick out of your head, anytime and anywhere with this Mini Marshall Amp. The Marshall cabinet amp has been the choice of many great musicians and this is just the pint-sized version of the legendary amp. At just 5 inches tall, you’ll get one full watt of amplification. Think that’s too little? Wait ’til you hear this small package scream with delight, and when you crank the Overdrive knob up a notch, then you’ll be searching for your earplugs in no time. It’s powered by a 9-volt battery so you can take this screamin’ baby anywhere. Standard 1/4″ jacks for the guitar input, with volume and tone controls plus a 1/4″ headphone jack are all within this tiny package. Pick up that axe, plug it in this tiny Marshall, and start channeling Hendrix, Perry, or Page. Who knows, the next big hit might be yours! $62.

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