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Before the time of wireless everything, people did enjoy listening to their music through analog methods. Gadgets like turntables, cassette players and the like, were all the rage before your YouBooks or FaceTubes. The good people at Marshall understands that which is why the Woburn speakers cater to the old and the new. It’s big and it promises to be loud, so that whatever method you prefer, it would be a guaranteed blast. Like the previous Marshall amps and speakers we’ve seen, the Woburn has a vintage vinyl case with that classic ‘Marshall’ script. Hidden underneath though is a bevy of modern electronics. The speakers will play from an RCA cable or even your garden-variety 3.5mm input jack. But to keep with the times, it also has an optical input (e.g. Apple TV, Airport Express) and it will also play through Bluetooth. Specs-wise, the Woburn features a Class D amplifier setup with twin 20W channels and a 50W channel as well. Frequency ranges from 35-22,000Hz which means you get a good punch of bass down low plus crisp highs and everything in between. Even the color choices are of a vintage touch as you can get the Coburn in cream or in black. $500.

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