Mayuko Iwasa

Tokyo is proud to present one of many cute models, Mayuko Iwasa. Born in February 24, 1987 in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan she is both an entertainer/model in Japan. Mayuko debuted as Miss Magazine 2003 and making a big impact in lots of Japanese magazines as an early-blooming high-school girl. She won the Graph Prize, the 42nd Golden Arrow Awards (2004) in March 2005. In June 2005, Mayuko did a duet song with Naoya Ogawa called “Katte ni Shinryakusha” (An Invader in My Own Way), used as the ending song of Sgt. Frog with appearances on Music Station and Pop Jam. You can find mayuko in the Japanese drama Gal Circle as Rika, a ganguro who scams friends for their money.

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