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Zero DS Motocycle

I’m a little skeptical about battery-powered motorcycles and it bothers me that it will lose its extremeness. But as for the Zero DS Motocycle, I’ll let it pass because it shows a cool and sleek look that intense guys will easily fall in love with. […]

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2012 Nissan GT-R

As if the ‘PlayStation on wheels’ isn’t extreme enough, Nissan gives the mighty GT-R more goodies for more fun. You’ll never see it at first glance but on closer inspection, the car’s bodywork has been revised. A more aerodynamic styling has been ordered to cope […]

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Ferrari FF

Welcome the newest colt in the stable of Ferrari thoroughbreds. This one, however, breaks the supercar mold because of its appearance. It’s a fastback (or hatchback) and it’s been christened as the Ferrari FF. While many may look at it with disgusted eyes, the car […]

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Fat Attack AG Harley Davidson

While we all know that the Swiss are geniuses in making the multi-purpose functional knife, you’ll be blown away once you see their customized Harley Davidson Bike. Featuring a sports-themed body, this badass Harley brings out a lighter, stronger and faster body, thanks to the […]

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TAG Heuer Steve McQueen Helmet

Back in 2009, you might have heard the news that Triumph and TAG Heuer have been planning to make a unique Bonneville Heuer motorcycle based on Steve McQueen and his Porsche 917 on the classic film ‘Le Mans’. Although we didn’t see the actual bike […]

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1966 Batmobile Replica

Holy shiny chrome Batman! It’s true, you can actually own a street-legal replica of the 1966 Batmobile. Mark Racop of Fiberglass Freaks took the Lincoln Futura and molded a copy of one of the most recognizable cars in TV or movie history. The car comes […]

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Kawasaki Z750R

Call it a rice rocket and it won’t mind. The Kawasaki Z750R only responds with speed and agility. This new European bestseller just got better. The bike comes with adjustable shocks on the front and rear. It will still be a powerful rocket with a […]

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

The latest pride of the French automakers Bugatti is the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, an ultra premium high performance supercars. The body and frame are made up of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter. The car’s aerodynamic style allows it to cut through the air […]

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LiftTrax Off-Road Recovery Device

Going off-road is fun and all until you get stuck in a ditch or in between rocks. You could be there forever if you don’t have the proper know-how or the proper tools. On you next adventure, better bring along the LiftTrax Off-Road Recovery Device. […]

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2011 Chevrolet Cruze

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze was designed to give customers the need for quality construction in their car. It is more than your average mode of transportation. It will make you feel at home while driving with its cozy interior. It has a 1.8 liter four […]

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