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Bojana Krsmanovic

For a while there, I thought that the first name ‘Bojana’ would be far too uncommon. But I loved to be proved wrong at this moment because there’s another beauty that goes by that name visits us. Bojana Krsmanovic certainly has a unique last name, […]

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Gabriela Salles

Fresh new face to prepare you for a fantastic new fortnight and forward. No need for a hard sell as far as Gabriela Salles is concerned. There isn’t a whole lot of information that’s floating around about Gabriela here. But you won’t really need that […]

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Yara Khmidan

Second visit for the lovely Yara Khmidan into our pages and boy is this special. This Ukrainian hottie has all the ingredients of a modeling superstar yet it’s a mystery why she doesn’t have a huge following. Could it be the lack of exposure? Yara […]

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Emily Sears

With art and beauty firmly planted in her DNA, you know that Emily Sears is destined for modeling greatness. And with a name like that, you know that she’ll always be sizzling! Born in Melbourne, Australia, Emily now calls Los Angeles her home and for […]

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Mary Jean Lastimosa

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – no pageant will be complete without the controversy. While the gossip may be from one unidentified and totally unreliable source, an article is being passed around saying that Mary Jean Lastimosa has dropped out of […]

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Candice Swanepoel

This may probably be the last post featuring Candice Swanepoel for 2014. Incidentally, this is also the 30th post featuring this Angel on Earth. Nice round number, if you ask me. That may sound like a lot but if Candice is involved, nothing is too […]

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Emily Ratajkowski

Lots of people are probably asking right now, Robin who? Before any speculations arise, I’m of course talking about Robin Thicke. The dude was once red-hot, what with his ‘Blurred Lines’ video. Things are slightly on the downhill for the dude but fortunately, the same […]

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Devon Windsor

Can you blame Devon Windsor if she didn’t want to take off the wings that she wore at the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? It was all kinds of amazing and this model wasn’t quite ready yet to part with those props. Sure, those are […]

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Natasha Barnard

Just like a deer in the headlights, we too are frozen with the sight of these new Natasha Barnard pictures, courtesy of Freya Lingerie. Last time we saw Natasha, the days were longer and the air was warmer. Now, it’s a bit colder and these […]

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Marina Petlay

Goldy Rise, that’s the name you should be looking out for if you’re looking for the prettiest and sexiest DJ. That’s the stage name for the extremely beautiful Marina Petlay. When she’s not spinning, she’s busy burning up the lenses of photographers everywhere as a […]

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