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Dejana Zivkovic

You know it’s a good day when you’re visited by a Top Model. This time, it’s Dejana Zivkovic making her maiden port of call to Plunder Guide, and to any blog for that matter (as far as I have checked). She was part of Srpski […]

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Anastagia Pierre

She’s so hot, she represented two nations at different beauty pageants. And one of those is the US of A. Anastagia Pierre is a Haitian-Bahamian beauty born in the United States who’s currently blazing the Southern scene. Florida may have been cast in bad light […]

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Lisalla Montenegro

As always, we provide the weekend gift and yet again, Brazil supplies the lovely lady. This time around, it’s Lisalla Montenegro and she’s absolutely, mind-bendingly awesome. It’s her first visit here in out ports and this maiden call is nothing but spectacular. Then again, she’s […]

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Nina Agdal

We’re no strangers to the Danish angel we know as Nina Agdal. We’ve seen plenty of her photos and seeing more seems like the proper thing to do. And this is what this post is all about. Banned in Hollywood thinks so too, which is […]

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Leticia Farr

We’re far away from Monday now and it most certainly is a cause for celebration. While Leticia Farr may be far away from her native Brazil, she’s very much close to our hearts, thanks to these lovely photos. This model has an eye for design […]

Gwen Barker

You could say that Gwen Barker is destined to become a star. She has all the qualities of one and she’s well on her way to even bigger success. Maybe you’ll remember her as the Sleepy Mandarin Girl in Iron Man 3. Just in case […]

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Olga Polienko

Hot as this next model may be, you’ll never guess where she hails from. Funny that I mentioned hail because Olga Polienko comes from Siberia and hail is nothing compared to the constant, freezing temperatures in that part of the world. Olga is the answer […]

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Ana Tanic

Second visit to our shores by this charming Croatian woman. A lot has happened since the last time we saw Ana Tanic here and her return is very much a welcomed sight. While we’re not really sure if Ana is still dating the same dude […]

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Sara Salamo

Here’s to hoping that your week went right, that your fantasy football team won and that you had a great time grinding it out for that past few days. To cap off your adventure, let us entertain you with this glorious Sara Salamo gallery. The […]

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Leila Grolimund

Germans are known the world over to be perfectionists. When something needs to be done, they are known to do it well. The people are the same and coming close to perfection are some of their babes. Just like Leila Grolimund here. No fanfare or […]

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