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Valeria De Santis

Kiss the weekend away but still look forward to the week. A lot of good things can happen and we can help jumpstart that with Valeria De Santis. Just imagine locking lips with this beautiful Peruvian. Her kisser is one of the best we’ve seen […]

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Sandrah Hellberg

Get a little piece of heaven while seeing angelic faces and cosmological bodies like Sandrah Hellberg. The Swedish fashion model was born in Stockholm but has been involved in many different agencies from several continents. Naturally, she was a favorite among Scandinavian publications and proof […]

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Luisa Pasinatto

We couldn’t allow the week to end without featuring a beautiful Brazilian, can we? Luisa Pasinatto is doing the honors this time. The lovely lass is working under Pure Model Management Cape Town as far as we know, but that’s about it. We are certainly […]

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Jenna Wang

Once again, we have to ask everyone to keep the snickering to the minimum as you read through this Jenna Wang post. You see, that’s a pretty common last name that she has, from where she’s from. But sadly, it also became another name for […]

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Cristina Capella

You’ve probably seen her in some magazine, catalog or advertisement and wondered, who is this babe? The short answer is Cristina Capella. What I can gather is that she’s Spanish and that she’s a professional model under multiple agencies. Once again, she is another case […]

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Rosanne Mulholland

The last day of 1980 was the first day on the life of the beautiful Rosanne Mulholland. She’s an actress from Brazil, who started her career in theater. This brought out the best in her and it showed in several of her projects. One of […]

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Julieth Roman

Medellin is really a miraculous place. Consider all the craziness that happened there some two decades ago and you’d be thankful that it wasn’t erased from the face of the Earth. That’s a good thing because we wouldn’t have seen babes like Julieth Roman and […]

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Belen Olivi

It’s still a common misconception that models are not really the brightest bulbs in the drawer. But time and again, we have dispelled that myth. Such as the case for Belen Olivi. The Argentine hottie is an Education major and she has a vision of […]

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Bryiana Noelle

Another amazing product of the global village we live in right now is Bryiana Noelle. She’s part Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Cherokee and Blackfoot but all beauty. Starting out as a pageant queen, this hottie decided to embark on a bigger adventure. Her journey eventually took […]

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Juliana Mueller

Ending the week with a bang is always a good idea, and helping us accomplish that is Juliana Mueller. The Brazilian model’s work for Chicaboom swimwear is nothing short of bombastic. Unfortunately, the agencies that acquired Juliana’s services seemed to have been missing out on […]

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