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Rashida Jones

She’s an actress, a sexy model, a fabulous songwriter, a musician, and a singer … all rolled into one, and that’s 32-year old Rashida Jones; yep she’s the R&B music-mogul Quincy Jones’ hot daughter. She’s a mixture of African-American and Jewish blood, born in Los […]

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Reka Ebergenyi

Reka Ebergenyi is virtually an unknown, but it won’t be long till this model rises to the highest ranks. With her aura of innocence and hot looks this girl will definitely go far. She’s hot and she’s got what it takes to make it!

Athena Lundberg

She’ll skydive, ride horses really fast, or even eat worms; that’s how fearless January 2006 Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, Athena Lundberg is. She’s an instant hit with the mag, with her goddess-like beauty and figure, and with a personality to boot. Lucky are the […]

Chyler Leigh

We guys definitely love that purple lingerie! For those who don’t know her, Chyler started acting at an early age and debuted in the film world at age 15 in 1997’s, Kickboxing Academy. In this movie, her real-life brother plays her love interest. In the […]

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Jesikah Maximus

Her name alone is more than enough to give a seasoned player that GOOD “tingle”…but (pun intended) her entire physical package can NEVER, EVER be held libel for false advertisement or embellishment of fact. The name “Maximus” is formed from the Latin term for “greatest” […]

Eva Mendes

Once again Eva Mendes poses for a world famous magazine. This time it’s Allure. Allure + Eva = One hot photo collection! This Cuban blooded Miami born actress is here once again to give us a glimpse of her all in wonder natural beauty and […]

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Olivia Munn

She’s a G4 hostess! Yeah that’s right! Men go crazy! These pics of Olivia were posted on her site which she herself maintains and haves fun with. Her being a host in multiple shows (Attack of the show!) in the G4 network makes her […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Melanie Slade

I guess as a man, the profession I’d dream to have is to be a Euro Footballer. It seems that girls are so easy to get with these footballers! Take a look here at this hot babe who was just a worker in a small-time […]

Hayley Parsons

It won’t be long now before we lose sight of Hayley Parsons from Kensington in the UK from the glossy magazines and into the dark nightclubs. That’s because her true passion is in DJ’ing, mixing tunes, and eventually producing albums. Shame really, since the winner […]

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Bia and Branca Feres

These identical twins from Brazil may have missed the Olympic boat to Beijing last summer but that doesn’t diminish their hotness. They won the bronze in the Pan-Am Games for Synchronized Swimming but missed the cut for the Olympics. MTV Brazil gladly employed them for […]

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