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Evangelina Carrozzo

A member of Greenpeace and passionate about the environment, Evangelina Carrozzo is an Argentine Model who wants to save the world. It is said that Evangelina once stormed into a Presidential meeting by posing as a news reporter. Once inside the building, where the meeting […]

Olga Kurylenko

Bond girls are always amazingly hot. So say hello to Olga Kurylenko, the newest Bond girl in the 22nd film in the Bond series, Quantum of Solace. This 28-year-old hottie was born in the Ukraine and started modeling at the tender age of 13 (well […]

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Geraldine Bazan

This hot Soap Babe is Geraldine Bazan, born Rosalba Géraldine Bazán Ortíz January 30, 1983 in Mexico City is a Mexican actress, singer and anchorwoman currently living in Miami. She’s part of Women Fair, Amigos for Kids activities, Latin Book Festivals, in Houston, Dallas, Los […]

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Her second album, Fearless, just came out this week. She also received a Grammy nomination as Best New Artist. A quotable quote from her would be, “The cool thing about being a songwriter is, whatever […]

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Urbe Bikini Girls

Urbe Bikini is a Venezuelan, Maxim-styled men’s magazine with original photographs of famous models and editorial content. From its launch in December 2003, Bikini or UB has been the largest circulation glossy in the country. The magazine was published by the same company that in […]

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Sophia Rossi

Brace yourself because Sophia Rossi is here. Needless to say, Sophia is not a hard to get babe. In fact, she is devoid of any inhibitions and what Sophia wants, Sophia gets. If she likes you, boy you have to get ready because she will […]

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Emi Kobayashi

Emi Kobayashi is one of Japan’s most popular swimsuit models. This petite Asian beauty is also involved in movies and TV stints (note that not all of them showcase her figure); believe it or not in one of her movies she played a nun, such […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Letizia Filippi

I love Italy. Not only because the food is awesome, they also have seriously very hot women. Welcome Miss Letizia Filippi into your dreams because she is gonna be there for quite some time. This hot Italian babe came in third in the 1994 Miss […]

Sheena Rote

Sheena Rote is a 26-year old model from Myrtle Beach, Miami, FL. She has been modelling on and off for the past 12 years and she has always enjoyed it. She is 5′ 8″, 114 lbs, with long brown hair, olive skinned, and has a […]

Leilani Dowding

She is pure perfection isn’t it? Too bad she’s engaged. Leilani Dowding was actually UK’s top glamour model, thanks to her exotic looks, which stem from her Filipino mother and English father. After being successful in the UK, expat Leilani, now spends her time sunning […]

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