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Irina Shayk

There’ll be an overabundance of green and of clover leaves come Monday morning. If you haven’t guessed yet, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. And with the occasion comes the observance of the passing of St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland. Wait, scratch that, St. […]

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Catalina Otalvaro

Another lip-smacking gallery is delivered to us by Catalina Otalvaro. Her latest campaign for Besame Lingerie is simply breathtaking. As always, her natural beauty shines with very little clothing to get in the way. Other lingerie or swimsuit companies should really be looking Catalina’s way. […]

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Melissa Giraldo

The sheer awesomeness of Melissa Giraldo is back after a lengthy absence. It’s actually hard to believe that her last gallery was exactly 372 days ago. That’s 372 days too many, if you ask me. But even if her galleries are few and far between, […]

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Anais Pouliot

Pretty sure that the name Anais Pouliot sounds sexy if pronounced correctly. The Victoria’s Secret model looks absolutely stunning in her latest campaign that we missed initially. But we have a pass because it’s the first time that this beauty visits our shores. The sexy […]

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Diana Morales

Show of hands, who wants ‘moar’ of Diana Morales? I certainly do. The last time we saw this Spanish sensation was over a year ago. The time that passed saw the emergence of several galleries from this beauty. We’re truly sorry for not updating on […]

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Candice Swanepoel

Just about everybody has seen the contents of that swimsuit issue from that magazine. The babes featured there are great, but they totally missed out several noteworthy figures. Like our favorite model right here. Granted, Candice Swanepoel isn’t a swimsuit model exclusively, she can still […]

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Melissa Howe

After her sister, it’s now Melissa Howe‘s turn to be on the Playboy spotlight. One half of the Howe Twins returns with some fantastic shots from her recent stint with the Bunny publication. The debate will probably rage on about which Howe is actually sexier […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Kate Upton

Gravity isn’t really kind to babes like Kate Upton. The reason is quite obvious. As Chivers would often say, Kate and her big-bosom sisters will have FLBP: Future Lower Back Problems. So for her recent shoot for Sports Illustrated, the geniuses tried the Zero-G jet […]

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Amanda Gontijo

Beauty queen and former Big Brother Brasil beauty Amanda Gontijo blazes the pages of our bastion. She’s a former Miss Divinopolis and it’s a wonder why she didn’t become Miss Brazil. We’ll never really understand the ins and outs of beauty pageants but we’re just […]

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Georgia Salpa

The March 2014 issue of Loaded magazine is just filled from front page to back with sexiness. And their selected babe for the cover is none other than Georgia Salpa. Things are looking to go on the up and up for this Irish model. She’s […]

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Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels