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Yara Khmidan

Beautiful lady with a gorgeous body and an absolutely astonishing name. That combination has worked several times for a lot of the girls we’ve featured and it’s working right now. Yara Khmidan is a Ukrainian fashion model who now calls Los Angeles home. And why […]

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Amy Willerton

Feeling cold and blue this time of the year? In case you’re still feeling the bitter cold, let Amy Willerton warm you up in a hurry. Great Britain’s representative to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is showing that you don’t have to be crowned in […]

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Natalia Velez

Love is definitely all around and delivering that in heaps is the lovely Natalia Velez. We haven’t seen her for a while and this is certainly a refreshing return. She’s been busy with several projects and that’s not really surprising. A girl of Natalia’s caliber […]

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Melody Mir

You really have to admire the motivation for swimwear designers who incorporate all the weird stuff that aren’t normally found on swimming attire. Victoria’s Secret is a known purveyor of crazy expensive swimsuits with gems and all. A select handful of VS Angles have showcased […]

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Daniella Donado

Somebody who’s really very familiar with Colombian beauties, particularly those from Baranquilla, is Daniella Donado. She’s from that city and she’s the host of Reina de Baranquilla. From the looks of things, Dani (as she prefers to be called on Twitter) is more than qualified […]

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Moran Nimni

Classically beautiful with a familiar first name and a totally unique last name. That’s all we know initially about Moran Nimni. Her first name is a giveaway on her nationality (which is Israeli, in case you still wondered). She’s also part Dutch, which totally explains […]

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Ariadne Artiles

Heavy Spanish artillery returns fire after a long silence with Ariadne Artiles. Born in the Canary Islands so she’s holding a Spanish passport, Ariadne also has Venezuelan heritage added for good measure. She’s a fashion model who looks to keep things professional. We’ll never hear […]

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Holly Peers

Who’s feeling very Olympic today? The Jamaican bobsled team certainly is. And so is Holly Peers. She may not be competing in any of the sports in Sochi come February but she can certainly pump up the adrenaline. The UK is sending their largest contingent […]

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Laura Giraudi

It won’t come as a surprise for us if Laura Giraudi gets all these projects all of a sudden. Something about her says ‘superstar’ and we can totally get behind every single one of her shoots. She was recently featured in the hugely popular website […]

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Nikki Du Plessis

Checking the map of the world, you’ll notice that South Africa is at the bottom half of things. But that nation is tops when it comes to a lot of beautiful things, like their women. A great example here is Nikki Du Plessis, an actress […]

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