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Bar Refaeli

New Year, new resolutions but same Bar Refaeli hotness for you. That’s just how we roll here at Plunder Guide; we don’t want anything to stop the sexy flow. Not even the change of the numbers in the calendar. So we’re hitting the ground running […]

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Cindy Bruna

One of the highlights from the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the lovely Cindy Bruna. A lot of people consider her as a reincarnation of several models of runway shows past but she’s a person on her own. Cindy owes her exotic beauty to […]

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Georgia Salpa

Wow is the word which comes out of my mouth when I see any photograph of Georgia Salpa. This 28-year-old model has stunning looks and an incredible figure, which will make you not take your eyes off of her. After doing some modeling, Georgia appeared […]

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Candice Swanepoel

To say that 2013 was a banner year for Candice Swanepoel is a monumental understatement. This was the year she went ahead of the pack of Victoria’s Secret hotties and wore the million-dollar bra. The South African sensation isn’t resting on her laurels though, as […]

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Natalie Gauvreau

For a lot of people, girls in particular, shopping and exercising are interchangeable. I mean, one of those two activities can be an alternative to the other. That doesn’t work for Natalie Gauvreau though. The Canadian model thinks that those two enterprises are mutually exclusive […]

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Emily Didonato

Sleigh bells are definitely ringing right now as Emily Didonato makes Christmas a lot merrier with her newest gallery. We last saw her earlier this year, as in really really because that was back in January. Her latest work for Lindex is about as glorious […]

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Leah Francis

Christmas in merry old England could be bitterly cold, but because of babes like Leah Francis, they’re certainly more enjoyable. A first time visitor to our shores, Leah is a glamour model par excellence. She’s been gifted with that incredible body and she’s not afraid […]

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Claudia Szeglat

The presents are continuing to come for you, our dear readers. This time around, the gift is in the person of Claudia Szeglat. Why do I say that? Because seeing her for the first time is very much like opening a present. You have a […]

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Xenia Deli

A lot of people write Christmas as ‘X-mas’ or ‘Xmas’ and that’s perfectly acceptable to some. Others might be a little miffed, especially the religious kind. But we’re not splitting hairs here so we’ll go with the common shortcut. And for us here at Plunder […]

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Natasha Barnard

The Wonderbra babe Natasha Barnard wishes us all Geseende Kersfees, or Merry Christmas in Afrikaans. Or at least that’s what Google says so we’ll have to take it at face value. This sexy South African model just got sexier in this writer’s eyes upon knowing […]

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