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Tribe Everything Hummus

Keeping things natural and doing it the right way is Tribe Hummus. They have a new line from the Limited Edition batch, the first flavor being Everything Hummus. With tasty chickpeas as base, the Everything now comes infused with roasted sesame and poppy seeds, with […]

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Slaughterhouse Man Crate

We didn’t climb up to the top of the food chain to eat the food that animals eat. I have no clue who exactly coined that phrase but for red-blooded, meat-eating men like us, that couldn’t be more true. The blessed souls behind The Man […]

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Cruzan Key Lime and Passion Fruit Rum

Beat the heat with a nice cocktail, supercharged with these new blends from Cruzan Rum. The first is the Key Lime Rum, with a distinctly sweet and tangy flavor, thanks to the key lime infusion. Enjoy the fresh goodness of passion fruit with the other […]

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Dobel Tequila

There are two types of people in the world: Those who drink hard liquor on a Monday and those who don’t. Either way, we aren’t judging. We’ll suggest this excellent drink though for those belonging to the former. Coming from Maestro Dobel of Jalisco, Mexico, […]

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2009 Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon

Here’s to hoping that your dance card is filled when the love month rolls in. Going out on Valentine’s Day is so cliche - what you want is a nice romantic dinner between you and your beau, and a nice relaxing nightcap with the 2009 […]

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Saison Rue Belgian-Style Ale

Beer is beer and we all know it. But some brews are better than others. Some are even ranked the best for 2012, which is where the Saison Rue Belgian-Style Ale sits, according to The Wine Enthusiast. Bottled by The Bruery, 2012′s number one beer […]

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Dewars x FSC Travel Bag

Dewars x FSC Travel Bag is a limited-edition travel roll that has been designed by FSC. It’s a new way to cradle our whisky which is made from water-repellent 18 oz. waxed canvas. It features Dewar’s signature Highlander Tartan fabric lining, English bridle leather straps, […]

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Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Jack Daniel’s has unveiled yet another luxury whiskey and this time, it’s inspired by loyal fan Frank Sinatra. It has been aged in Sinatra barrels, making it look darker than the regular Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The drink arrives at 90 proof and is presented in […]

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Bruvado Chaser Pack

It’s a weekend once again and what better way to celebrate it than a round of drinks. It takes a brave man to choose between beer and hard liquor, but to make the decision easier, enter Bruvado. Their Chaser Pack gives you the best of […]

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Mustached Stemless Wineglasses

Show that you still have a proper decorum even while chugging away booze after booze by drinking from this huge, 20oz Mustached Stemless Wineglasses. This fine-looking wineglass features an etched mustache design done entirely by hand, using a diamond-tipped roto-tool and then sandblasted to give […]

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