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Jim Beam 1795 Bourbon

Jim Beam 1795, I don’t know the words to explain it but this is the perfect example of pure bourbon. The distillery is going launch it at the Frankfurt Airport Duty Free in June, to celebrate its origin. This 47.5% ABV exclusive bourbon will be […]

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Highland Park Thor

The renowned distillery Highland Park has launched their first single malt Scotch whisky, from its most anticipated Valhalla Collection. It’s called ‘Thor’, for the God of Thunder. The 16-year-old whisky bottled at a mighty 52.1% ABV, the drink can be enjoyed neat or with water. […]

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Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky

The numbers ‘3’, ‘5’ and ‘7’ have a particular significance in the Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky as they represent the age in years from the barrels that this drink are sourced from. You don’t usually get an 81-proof drink, but this one provides […]

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42 Degrees South Sauvignon Blanc

Tasmania is known for its ruggedness and the equally-tough creatures inhabiting it (i.e. the Tasmanian Devil). If the devil himself has to work hard to earn its keep, the same challenges are being placed on the plants that thrive there. This results in grapes that […]

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ShotShell XL

It’s three times as big, giving us three times as much of our libations in one go which is all good! The big brother of the ShotShell is the ShotShell XL from MadeByAmmo. Machined from a piece of solid stainless steel round bar, the XL […]

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Sparkling ICE Spring Water

Now that warmer weather’s surely on your way, it helps if you hydrate and keep refreshed. When water gets too boring, then it’s time to switch to Sparkling ICE. Basically, it’s a lightly-carbonated mountain spring water infused with B-Vitamins and green tea extract for its […]

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Newcastle Founder’s Ale

Paying their respects to the founders of the Newcastle Brown Ale brewery, the company releases their fourth limited-edition drink. The Newcastle Founder’s Ale is a full-bodied brew, with a hoppy and roasted flavor. At first sip, you’ll be treated to a subtle and sweet caramel […]

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Peligroso Anejo Tequila

Aged for 12-18 months inside real white oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee, the Peligroso Anejo Tequila boasts a smooth flavor of nuts, pumpkin, oak and spice that leaves a fine taste in your mouth. These combination of ingredients are carefully harvested from the grounds of […]

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El Tesoro Platinum Tequila

El Tesoro Platinum Tequila comes from a small distillery located high in the Los Altos Mountains. For the past 75 years, this family is consistently providing the same taste. This unfiltered and unadulterated spirit is bottled within 24 hours of distillation. One sip gives the […]

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Petrossian Caviar and Roe Collection

Alverta President Caviar, Royal Ossetra Caviar, Salmon Roe or Trout Roe perhaps? Well, whatever that you like, the Petrossian Caviar and Roe Collection has most of it to keep your mouth watering. Stored in an elegant gift box, the Petrossian Caviar and Roe Collection are […]

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