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On-Ice Beer Dispenser

Drinking watered-down beer is like listening to a recording, instead of hearing the band play live. There’s just no other way to drink our favorite amber-colored fluid than ice-cold, but without the ice physically in the beer. Luckily, some people are thinking outside of the […]

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Wild Turkey 81

The 81 is the new Bourbon from Wild Turkey. This latest whiskey is by made Associate Distiller Eddie Russell by mixing up three blends of six, seven and eight year-old whiskeys. It has aromas of caramel, honey, vanilla and oak with medium yellowish-brown color. One […]

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Exotac TiBottle

No matter how cool your Mickey Mouse water bottle may look (hey, some people think it’s cool, okay?), it can’t hold water like the Exotac TiBottle. It’s called such because the bottle is made entirely of titanium. Not only is this metal light, it’s extremely […]

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Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn

If your day’s not complete without drinking loads of coffee and espresso, then you would also love the Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn. It has a sweet, salty taste and a 150-200mg of caffeine that leaves you craving and looking for the perfect word to describe how […]

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Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Here is the new whiskey from Jim Beam called the Devil’s Cut. It is made by emptying barrels of six-year old Jim Beam Bourbon. Using a unique and proprietary process, the liquid is extracted from deep inside the barrel wood and put it back into […]

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Tactical Sammich

Harold Camping must be beating himself silly when the world didn’t end last May 21 as he predicted. But it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the end, whatever the cause may be. Who knows when a zombie apocalypse might roll in or when Kim Jong […]

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Beer Making Kit

How’d you like to spend a quiet afternoon with a Well-Made Tripel, a Grapefruit Honey or a Rose-Cheeked Blonde? No we’re not talking about an ‘afternoon delight’ here, but the best DIY kit you’ll ever get your hands on. The Beer Making Kit from the […]

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Tabasco Family Reserve

What was once exclusively available to the McIlhenney family and their friends is now available to the general public. The Tabasco Family Reserve uses handpicked peppers from Avery Island which are then aged longer for a different kick than the usual. But go easy on […]

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Black Tot Last Consignment Rum

The 300 year-old Royal Naval tradition of daily rum rations came to an end on July 31, 1970. The day is remembered as the Black Tot Day. To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, this rum is released. This bright and dark mahogany spirit has the notes […]

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Climber Pouch Wines

For those times where you’re going on a bumpy ride, a good ol’ flask can secure your favorite spirit, but one flask is not enough; yet bringing a can is not also practical, so that’s where the Climber Pouch Wines comes in handy. Available in […]

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