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Sam Adams Infinium Beer

Check out this new, champagne-like beer for this New Year Eve, the Sam Adams Infinium Beer. Its dry and crisp taste features a fruity, slightly spicy aroma, crisp malt and citrus flavors, which is the result of collaboration with Boston Brewing Co. and Germany’s Weihenstephan […]

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Antarctic Nail Ale

Helping for a cause is a great feeling, and it’s even cooler when you can grab the world’s most expensive booze. Fresh from the Land Down Under, Nail Brewing has produced 30 Antarctic Nail Ale bottles and each one is sold for an expensive price […]

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Medea Vodka

You must have had vodka many times while sitting in a bar or home. Try out Medea Vodka, you will experience the perfect taste of pure and pot distilled wheat vodka all the way from Schiedam, Holland. Well, the interesting part this vodka is the […]

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Dare to be different with this high-tech water bottle called the LightCap 300. This one liter water bottle has a wide mouth which is 50% wider compared to other water bottles. It has a rechargeable LED light which can be very useful especially during camping. […]

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Bacon Explosion

Alright, for all you pork lovers out there, here comes a meal of epic proportions, The Bacon Explosion. You can either make one yourself (recipe on website) or order one from the company. Made from several layers of bacon cooked in various ways and Italian […]

Tuned Pale Ale

In the middle of your drinking session, how many times have you belted a tune using nothing but the bottle of brewski you’re holding? That’s the idea behind the Tuned Pale Ale. The beer is produced in small batches but the real hook on this […]

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The Simpsons Energy Drink

Feeling down and out this month’s end? Prepare yourself for another awesome payday weekend with a jolt from our favorite cartoon drinks, come to life. Who doesn’t know Duff Beer or Flaming Moe’s from The Simpsons? These ones, however, are not formulated to get you […]

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San Miguel Pale Pilsen

The Philippines is visited by millions of tourists every year. They come for the hot tropical beaches, tourist spots, girls, party and for the San Miguel Pale Pilsen. It is a pilsener commonly known as San Miguel Beer, the company’s flagship brand and the Philippines’ […]

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Snap Organic Spirit

Advocates of organic living know how to party too and this is probably what they should be drinking. The Snap is a ginger snap made with traditional materials like blackstrap molasses and fresh ginger. The molasses retains the earthy sweetness to contrast with the ginger’s […]

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Maple Bacon Coffee

Monday mornings are brutal and the snooze button quickly becomes your friend. Here’s another product that could soon be your best pal at first light. The Maple Bacon Coffee follows the mantra that all things bacon-infused are superb. It has a full-bodied taste with the […]

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