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Julius Large Shoulder Bag: Not a Purse!

Extend your investment on the buttery, washed lambskin Julius Large Shoulder Bag. This durable carry-all bag lined with cotton provides ample space for all your stuff plus additional side pockets for small essentials. It has two industrial snaps closure on top and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Pack all your necessities in this military-inspired [...]

Paul Smith Letterboard Laptop Case: Classy

If you want a laptop case that just screams “I don’t conform to the rat race and the corporate world!”, then this is the one for you. It is in no way shape or form appropriate for a formal meeting, as it gives the appearance that you are extremely sloppy, but then again, you probably [...]

Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag: Heavy Duty Carrier

Despite the name, this bag won’t save your mortgage but it will definitely help you in moving stuff to and from work or wherever you decide to be. This Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag sports no less than 14 pockets, and is the preferred bag of the LAPD and even the US Military. There’s a [...]

A Dapper Don's Lifestyle Guide Stuff for Belligerent Drunks

Naneu Military Ops Sierra: Bomb Safe

If you are looking for a bag that can withstand even the mos hazardous elements, then look no further than this bag from Naneu. It is designed to hold an SLR camera with lenses and your laptop, plus multiple other accessories. Rumor has it that the contents within can even survive a bomb. Cool. $110.

Live Luggage: Power-Assisted Pulling

Bad backs and heavy luggage definitely doesn’t match when you’re traveling. What you need is the Live Luggage; part suitcase, part motorized cart to help you go along your trip. Force and tilt sensors on the suitcase activate the electric motor built into the wheels when a 15 to 35 degree incline is detected, letting [...]

Overland Equipment Boulder Vert Bag

The easy-to-carry Overland Equipment Boulder Vert Bag is made of eco-friendly cotton canvas material, oil and wax-coat finished, stain and water repellent, with a molded grab handle and adjustable padded shoulder strap. Patronized by daily commuters to work for its potential to carry laptop or notebook and documents. A casual bag with sizable interior with [...]

High Roller Men's Guide Luxury Vehicles, Exotic Cars

Tenba Messenger Bag: Military Rugged Style

This bag is perfect for the on-the-go professional photographer. This bag is designed to hold a 15 inch laptop and laptop accessories, it comes with a removable attachment that can hold your camera, lenses, flash and anything else that your camera requires. With the uses of 1000 Denier Nylon, this bag gives you strength without [...]

Burton Liquid Lounger: The Ultimate Backpack

This new backpack from Burton will ensure that you never arrive unprepared again. This backpack can hold 36 beers and features a quick-grab opening at the top, for those urgent, need a beer moments. It also features a speaker system with auxilary input, self draining ice storage, and various fun things like a flask, dice, [...]

Louis Vuitton Naxos Doctor Bag

Louis Vuitton includes in its Summer/Spring 1009 bag collection the Naxos Doctor Bag made of leather and cotton lining with a silver brass hardware on it. Apparently, the opening is similar to a doctor bag that almost everyone is familiar with. $3,870.

Fossil Redmond Duffle Bag: Travel With Style

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than the anxiety over forgotten items such as medication, papers, gadgets, etc. Horror stories like these are familiar to all who travel. Do not let yourself experience the same, pack with your destination and purpose in mind, and choose the right bag. When heading for a weekend trip, the [...]

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