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The North Face Rolling Thunder

If your ordinary roll-aboard pulls up next to this bag, it will surely wet its pants. The North Face Rolling Thunder is so big, it gobbles up other bags within its cavernous interior. Made of tough TPE tarpaulin, the bag is 34″x14″x16″ big, so you’ll have plenty of space for all your stuff. The go-cart [...]

Pangolin Backpack

Mother Nature provides yet another inspiration for things that we could use everyday. The Pangolin Backpack is modeled after, you guessed it, the pangolin. That mammal has plates that protect them as they curl up when threatened. The bag is no threat to your well-being or to your possessions however. The bag is made of [...]

Tumi Vapor

Should your road trip take longer than expected, don’t worry about your bags getting banged up, if your bag is a Tumi Vapor. The triple polycarbonate shell is designed for travel’s punishments without a care in the world. Around the already tough shell are molded bumpers to give added protection. Style wasn’t compromised by the [...]

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Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio

If you are still using a notebook (and we don’t mean laptop), to record your thoughts and notes, then you really need to keep it safe, because there is no easy way to store it digitially. This Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio should help keep it safe from the elements, and features more pockets than [...]

Dunhill Facet 24 Hour Bag

The Dunhill Facet 24 Hour Bag is the perfect bag for an overnight trip as it can hold all of your gear plus a change of clothes. For when you aren’t currently travelling, the middle panel detaches and gives you full access to the bag and more room for all of your other gear. $1,630.

Puma Heritage Grip Bag

Nobody will mistake you for carrying a man-purse when they see this Heritage Grip Bag from Puma, unless they want to get choked to death. The handle alone of the bag is enough to scare the metrosexual away for miles. Classically-styled, the bag has a two-way zip opening, polyester lining, and a distressed Puma logo [...]

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AnOther x colette x Incase MacBook Case

Incase can always be counted on to make a nice case for just about any electronic product out there, and this new collaboration between them, fashion magazine AnOther and French boutique collete is no exception. It can hold a MacBook up to 13 inches and features a slider case for your iPhone. $87-124.

Hard Graft U MacBook Sleeve

Hard Graft always produces a nice product to go along with Apple’s products and this new U MacBook Sleeve is no exception. It adds a leather pocket to the exterior of the case which can hold your iPod or iPhone, a small notebook and a pen. Don’t worry about compatibility, they have a model to [...]

Paul Smith Black Leather Doctor’s Bag

If you’re not a certified physician you still may want to get the new Paul Smith Doctor’s Bag if you and your girlfriend like to play doctor from time to time. Oh yeah! It is made from Italian leather, has Bombay padded corners, pewter hardware and a push lock at the end of the zipper. [...]

Belkin Felt Tote

Sometimes you don’t need to carry your whole collection of possessions around with you, your netbook is more than enough, and for those times, the Belkin Felt Tote has you covered. It has a stylish and simple shape with felt construction and reinforced handles and bottom, and that’s it. Sure it doesn’t sound like a [...]

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