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Woodstock 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition

For the first time ever on Blu-Ray, you can own the Woodstock Collection. This is a 225 minute directors cut, which chronicles one of the most famous musical events of last century. The disc comes with an iron-on patch and reproductions of festival memorabilia as […]

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Star Trek Movie Collection

I don’t wanna start a cubicle fight between Star Wars and Star Trek fans here. To each his own and each series has its own die-hard fans and loyal followers. If you’re a certified Trekkie, then this six-picture collection in Blu-ray is a must for […]

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Top Gear Season 10: Petrolhead’s Bible

You may or may not have seen Season 10 of Top Gear somewhere online already but wouldn’t it be better if you could watch it without interruption? This collection features 3-discs and over 500 minutes of auto nirvana. Watch the three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James […]

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Batman Anthology

Holy anthology Batman! This collection includes the Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, fully enhanced and in HD if you buy the Blu-ray version. The discs are packed with extras including digital copies of the movies, so you can watch on your […]

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James Bond Quantum of Solace

See James Bond take it to the bad guys in a true 007 sequel, Quantum of Solace. Olga Kurylenko is super hot and just makes our pistols tingle. James Bond is still rough around the edges in this 2nd Daniel Craig installment, far from the […]

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The Twilight Zone Definitive Collection

Any fan of campy horror or sci-fi loves The Twilight Zone, and submitted for your approval is the Twilight Zone Definitive Collection. This 28 DVD box set features all 156 episodes from the classic series. Special features include a bio-documentary of the creator, Rod Serling, […]

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Family Guy - The Total World Domination Collection

Sick of missing Family Guy on the boob tube? Worry not! Here’s the Family Guy - The Total World Domination Collection. Forget waiting it to air on CBS, you can get the whole Family Guy goodness in one pack. The icing on the cake here […]

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Get Smart - The Complete Series Gift Set

Whether you loved or hated Steve Carrell’s remake of this TV hit, you surely wouldn’t want to pass up all five seasons of the original series. Have fun watching the slapstick comedy and goofy action by Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. The set contains all […]

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Iron Man Ultimate Two-Disc Edition

Iron Man Ultimate Two-Disc Edition You know this isn’t your average Hollywood superhero movie when you have Robert Downey Jr. cast as the protagonist. Iron Man puts Tony Stark in an indestructible suit and lets the action commence. Stunning HD quality and a plethora of […]

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Ultimate Matrix Collection on BluRay

The Matrix trilogy is being released on Blu-Ray in Japan, and to celebrate this event, we are getting a monstrosity of a package. The whole set includes all 3 Matrix movies plus The Animatrix on Blu-Ray, plus 3 standard definition, making-of movies. All 7 discs […]

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