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Na’vi Pocket Guide

Avid Avatar enthusiasts and Pandora wannabes hold on to your braided tail as you can now learn to speak Na’vi just like the natives. The USC linguist Dr. Paul Frommer developed the language for the film and now it’s available in a nifty pdf file […]

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Mission: Impossible

You can never beat the classic, not even Tom Cruise or John Woo, et al. Which is why this collection of all the Mission: Impossible series will hands down win the hearts of espionage fans. This DVD collection features all seven of the adventurous seasons […]

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It Might Get Loud

Start the New Year right with a rock-u-mentary starring three of the most recognized guitarists of their generation. Representing ‘old school’ rock n’ roll is Jimmy Page, who of course needs to introduction; the 80s ‘electronic’ age by U2’s The Edge (aka Dave Evans), while […]

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The Hangover: Unrated Edition

While the plot, at face value sounds like a recipe for a cheesy comedy movie that is easily forgettable, The Hangover is anything but. This new DVD features the original theatrical version as well as the unrated edition and many extras to boot. $16-20.

Boxee Box

Boxee used to be quite a pain to get set up correctly, but now with the Boxee Box things couldn’t be any simpler. It lets you get free movies, TV shows and music from the internet, all from your couch. It also lets you stream […]

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Public Enemies

Crime doesn’t pay unless of course the criminal is one of the most famous (or infamous) characters in the 30s and the said criminal is played by Johnny Depp. Public Enemies feature the manhunt for John Dillinger, the notorious bank robber of the Great Depression. […]

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Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

After the huge success of Family Guy: Blue Harvest, it only makes sense that they would make a parody out of another Star Wars movie. Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side is a spin on The Empire Strikes Back and we can imagine that […]

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Terminator Salvation

For all of you Terminator fans, Terminator Salvation has just released on both Blu-ray and DVD. The 117 minute film packs so much action into that less than 2 hour span that you will walk away with your head spinning. Grab a drink and some […]

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James Bond 10-Pack Blu-ray

Have a James Bonding moment with your TV and Blu-ray player and enjoy 10 of 007’s secret missions with this collection. The perfect gift for you or your most avid James Bond fan friend, it contains some of the best adventures from everyone’s favorite spy. […]

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Mystery Science Theater 3000

When will the networks bring back Mystery Science Theater? This awesome, limited edition box set contains four shows (two hosted by Joel, two by Mike), four mini posters, and a Tom Servo figurine. These won’t be available until December 1st but be sure to order […]

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