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BlastMatch Fire Starter: Look Ma, One Hand!

You’ll never know the value of having two hands in a survival situation until you have to start a fire. But if you have the BlastMatch from Ultimate Survival Technologies, you could start a fire with just one hand. This fire starter has a spring-loaded […]

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Jetboil Personal Cooking System: Turbo Boiling

As great as the great outdoors maybe, you can’t enjoy it too much because of two limitations – time and resources. The Jetboil Personal Cooking System solves those two problems with one device. This portable stove boils two cups of water in two minutes, saving […]

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Lippi Selk’bag: Warm And Cozy

Don’t get left out in the cold again with this wearable sleeping bag from Lippi. Remember the mornings at camp and you wish to stay inside the sleeping bag longer? Well you can stay in the bag as long as you want since the Selk’bag […]

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Buck Redpoint Knife: Don’t Get Shanked

This knife is top of the line, when it comes to usability and safety. It features SafeSpin technology, which allows you to open or close the knife with one hand without having to touch the blade. The grip included on the knife is extremely durable […]

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Veritas Variable Gang Saw: Three-Cut Wonder

The Veritas Variable Gang Saw is a three-in-one tool. Cutting dovetail and finger joints has never been easier, with three blades cutting simultaneously in one stroke. Two metal rods attach the three high-quality blades that can be angled for up to 30 degrees either way. […]

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Jerry Can Torch: Fire ‘Em Up

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could retell your war stories under the light of something that served in a real war? These Jerry Can Backyard Torches are the actual metal cans used by soldiers from WWII to the Vietnam War. You can safely bet […]

Angler Tarpon Kayak: Fishing for the Big One

This is a kayak that has been specifically designed for fishing, and to make it the best experience possible for you. It features 2 built in fishing rod holders, an 8 inch orbix midship hatch, and a phase 3 SOT seating system. The Angler is […]

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Tool Logic Firesteel: Essential For Survival

Nowadays, going outdoors is a matter of choice, not a matter of survival. But it doesn’t diminish the fact that the wild outdoors is well, wild, and the dangers are still out there for the ill-prepared. Don’t get caught without the essentials like a fire […]

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Portable Director’s Chair: Lights, Camera, Action!

Get ready to direct your next blockbuster with this Portable Director’s Chair. The aluminum and steel frame with nylon seats weigh just 9 lbs. but can cold up to 250 lbs. of weight. A cup/bottle holder on the two sides make sure your refreshments are […]

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Aqua Sounders Floating Speakers: Sound Waves

We all know that water and electric/electronic devices don’t mix well. But we do want to hear our favorite tunes while swimming or skinny dipping so what to do then? Get a pair of these Aqua Sounders, that’s what. Connect your favorite MP3 player to […]

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