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Top Hand Rodeo Tour

We get it; there are people whose idea of fun is riding hundreds of pounds of rampaging beef for no less than eight seconds, and with just one hand. While we share their enthusiasm, most of us won’t risk life and limb for the experience. […]

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V has finally been unveiled and is now available for pre-order. Rockstar Games updates the wildly popular title and the latest installment is set in the state of San Andreas which is based on modern day Southern California and LA. It promises […]

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mobile

Mobile gaming has gotten bigger these days and we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of apps/games being submitted and released over at Google PlayStore and Apple iTunes. In line with this, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a popular PS 2 game, is going […]


This game will surely eat up your free time! I am referring to the new SimCity game for Mac and PC that will be launched on March 8, 2013. The latest SimCity title and is believed to be the most advanced. The game was built […]

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Love the game but hate the real-life players who are in dire need of SCUBA suits due to their unbridled diving? Then it’s probably time to play the game yourself, at least in the comfort of your home. EA Sports is updating the FIFA title […]

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OUYA Game Console

Game consoles will never be the same with the upcoming release of the hottest product in the gaming world, the OUYA. Now you can relive all those awesome video game memories in your living room again with a new added fun by giving Developers the […]

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F1: 2012

For the kinda guy who enjoys the high-pitched scream of a Formula 1 engine along with the thrill of racing the world’s finest circuits, this game’s for you. Codemasters have just released F1: 2012, their most realistic F1 game so far. It features 20 tracks, […]

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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Version

Yesterday, Sony unveiled the lighter and slimmer version of the PlayStation 3 at the Tokyo Game Show press conference. The overall size is reduced by 20% and it’s 25% lighter, making it almost half the size of the original model. This new version of the […]

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Madden NFL 13

Few people have what it takes to endure several hundreds of pounds of humanity hurtling themselves at insane speeds just to carry, or dislodge, that oblong ball. Those of us who cannot be behind the gridiron, the Madden NFL 13 will do. The new game […]

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Nintendo 3DS XL

Super Mario is going 3D and will still be on the go with the new Nintendo 3DS XL. The dual-screen console has a wide top display holding 800×240 pixels of resolution - that’s 400 pixels for each eye during 3D operation. Nintendo finally understood that […]

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