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Killzone 3

Can’t get enough of realistic FPS co-op in your PS3? Well, Guerrilla Games have launched a new game that will make players feel as if they’re inside the warzone. Yes, I’m talking about the full 3D Killzone 3. This action-packed video game features a breathtaking […]

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Dead Island

Gamers will once again enter a bone-chilling and heartbeat-raising experience and this time, you’re a guest on an open tropical world of Dead Island. It features a realistic game system where you’re embarked on a list of missions in order to survive. Firearms and ammunition […]

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Fight Night Champion

Can’t wait for May 7th, when Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao faces ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley? Let EA sports ease your burden with the latest in the Fight Night series of games. Fight Night Champion features more realistic game play and full spectrum punch control for more detailed […]

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Thrustmaster T500 RS

After waiting for so long, Gran Turismo 5 is finally out in the wild. You’ve forked some pretty decent coin for the console and the game itself, why not complement your investment with a worthy racing wheel/pedal combo. Like the Thrustmaster T500 RS. The 25-pound […]

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Xbox 360 Silver Controller

You wanted it in silver, Microsoft delivers. When you don’t feel like playing on the bland, generic controllers provided on the Xbox 360, this Silver version could be a good alternative. The sleek finish on the body and the buttons makes you wanna stay on […]

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Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition

Remember the hours you spent in front of arcade cabinets playing one of the most awesome fighting games ever? Relive those moments with the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition. Released for the PlayStation or Xbox 360, the game comes with a fight stick to bring you […]

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F1: 2010

The 2010 calendar of Formula 1 may be over and it’s the perfect time for you to hone your skills for next year’s tryouts. Ok, that’s really a long shot but there’s no stopping you in enjoying all the cars and tracks from the recently-concluded […]

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Super Mario All-Stars

Two Italian plumbers and a princess with a propensity to get kidnapped - there couldn’t be a simpler or more absurd premise than that of the Super Mario Brothers. But that simplicity turned it into the most successful video game of all time. Enjoy the […]

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Gran Turismo 5

After years of anticipation, PS3 driving wizards now have the chance to experience Gran Turismo 5. The game features 1,000 supercars race-ready, 20+ track locations with 60 layouts, online features, course maker, 3D compatibility and more. The Gran Turismo 5 standard and collector’s edition are […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

There was a time when the world almost came to its bitter end. That was during the Cold War and some people cannot even remember that time. Well, the latest chapter in last year’s most successful video game will remind you that. Call of Duty: […]

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