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Rock Band 3 PRO-Guitar

Have you ever gotten flak because of playing Rock Band instead of real music? Well, you won’t get that anymore with this newest controller for the Rock Band 3. This Fender Mustang is not a copycat but a real guitar - complete with six strings […]

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Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game

Enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family with this video arcade miniature golf game. Spending time with this video arcade is a healthy way of nurturing your relationship with them. The golf game video arcade has the same full size miniature golf video […]

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The PDP (Performance Designed Products) is introducing to us the AFTERGLOW AX.1, a design controller for the Xbox with unique LED lighting of red, green or blue. This controller may not give an advantage on your game play but this will let you experience the […]

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Logitech F-Series Gamepads

For whatever requirements and budget allocations you may have now for a perfect PC game, Logitech has got your back with their new lineup of Gamepads. First of which is the Gamepad F310 which features an improved D-pad for directional accuracy with a comfortable layout. […]

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Iron Man Xbox 360

If Tony Stark ever had time to play video games, he’d undoubtedly get this modified Xbox 360. And why shouldn’t he? It sports his colors plus the console has its own arc reactor! Of course, it goes without saying that the reactor isn’t part of […]

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Mad Catz Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel

So you’d rather play your driving games on your Xbox 360? Don’t feel slighted, Mad Catz is providing you a wireless racing wheel for your favorite playing platform. The wheel has a TipTronic-style shift paddle or a conventional gear shift that can be used by […]

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X-Dream Gyroxus Gaming Chair

Are you the type of gamer that dips, dives and climbs in real life as what your character does on screen? This chair would be perfect for you. The X-Dream Gyroxus gaming chair moves as you do - it gives you the full motion experience. […]

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Saitek Pro Flight Controllers

Slowly but surely, Saitek is completing your flight simulation experience with the necessary accessories. After the release of the ultra-realistic stick and throttle combo, out comes three additions to your own personal flight deck. First is a Backlit Information Panel that displays authentic flight information. […]

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Limbo on XBOX Live Arcade

A few days ago, LIMBO was launched on the XBOX Live Arcade, and eventually it became a big hit. Limbo is the first game ever developed by Playdead, an independent game studio based in Denmark, and it received a lot of good feedback from Xbox […]

Ultimate Game Chair V3

Remember Steve Carrell’s gaming chair in ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’? Yes, that’s the ultimate bachelor’s pad must-have right? From the same company that made that chair comes something better - the Ultimate Game Chair. Connect the audio cables from your gaming console to the […]

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