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Saitek X65F

Only a hot engine exhaust and blazing enemy gunfire will make your flight simulation as close to real life as possible with this new controller. Mad Catz and Saitek’s X65F Pro Flight System is as real as it gets with its stationary stick and throttle […]

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Need for Speed: Shift - Review

With only the prologue to Gran Turismo 5, and no real idea on how good the game will actually be, we shift our attention to Need for Speed: Shift. It’s easily the best racing simulation game available on any console. The Need for Speed series […]

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Tony Hawk: Ride

Here is a great excuse to get off the couch and still enjoy some quality video game action. Tony Hawk: Ride features a controller that requires no hands whatsoever and mimics a real skateboard. All of your movements are controlled with the controller to give […]

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Nintendo DSi LL

The Nintendo DSi is about to get a new upgrade and it is called the LL. It will feature a new screen that will be 4.2 inches wide which is almost a 100% increase over the size of it’s current screen. It will also come […]

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Polk Audio HitMaster

Immerse yourself in the true rock and roll experience while playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. When the crappy speakers on your TV won’t do, you should hook up your guitar to these Polk Audio HitMaster monitors. Just like a real stage monitor, the HitMaster […]

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Brutal Legend

How does this sound for an idea for a brand new video game? Jack Black plays the world’s greatest roadie who gets sent back in time to save an ancient world of heavy metal from destruction. Awesome right? Well that’s Brutal Legend, complete with a […]

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Need for Speed: Shift

Get your adrenaline fix with driving high-performance cars without spending a fortune. The Need for Speed: Shift, offers real-world cars and tracks to test your virtual driving skills. First person cockpit view cameras gets you on board some of the most exotic cars in production, […]

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Madden NFL 10 for iPhone

Madden is arguably the best video game series to daye, especially if you are a football fan, and now the fun of a full-fleshed Madden game is available with the portability of the iPhone. Madden NFL 10 is a new iPhone app that features full […]

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Mad Catz Overdrive Pedal

Keep missing those rocking points because of the faulty guitar controller for Rock Band 2? Maybe it’s time that you hook up that axe to the Mad Catz Electro Harmonix Overdrive Pedal. With the soft activation switch, you’ll easily hit those extra points without having […]

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Sony PS3 Slim

At this point we all know what the Sony PlayStation 3 has to offer, but now with a new price point and a smaller figure, everything is looking brand new all over again. The PS3 used to be the cheapest BluRay player available when it […]

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