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PlunderGuide Picks 1-18-12

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the most powerful and the wisest. Be as strong and as smart as the fabled beast with the following items. The Chinese culture believe in starting the year right with these new goodies. (Links open in a […]

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Top 12 Basketball Shoes for 2012

Now that the NBA’s back in business, it’s about time you hit the court too. Basketball can bring out the best (or worst) in you. Either way, don’t go out without anyone of these fantastic kicks fit for your royal feet. We won’t guarantee that […]

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Top 12 Affordable Watches for 2012

Get your wrists ready for 2012 because no matter what the naysayers say, this is gonna be an awesome year! You’ll look even more awesome with these wristwatches to complete your style requirements, yet won’t cost you a fortune. Go get one for each month […]

Plunder Xmas Gift Guide

Since we were a tad late for Hanukkah, we decided to give you a Christmas Gift Guide for Men. These are our picks for the coolest gifts for Christmas 2007. So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc. etc. And, enjoy Plunder Guide’s Santa List, […]

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