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Grill Wrangler

Be the boss of the barbecue once again with the Grill Wrangler. Nobody has time to juggle between three utensils when you’re on the grill, because you only have enough appendages. One hand’s on the grilling instrument while the other is on the beer, because [...]

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Grundig Compact Gourmetgrill

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t wanna go grilling outside: There could be a howling thunderstorm or the notorious neighborhood raccoon looked funny at you. For those reasons, it’s time to get the Grundig CG 8280 Compact Gourmetgrill. The indoor grill is powerful, [...]

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We all know just pleasant and enjoyable cleaning the grill is - Not! While cooking up grub on a charcoal or gas-powered grill is fun, tidying it up isn’t. Let the Grillbot come to your rescue. The automatic grill cleaning robot has three electric motors [...]

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Char-Broil Big Easy Smoker/Roaster

Roasting has never been easier, when you have the Char-Broil Big Easy Electric 2-in-1 Infrared Smoker and Roaster. This convenient electronic roaster can host a 16-pound turkey, two 6-six-pound roasts and more, while keeping all the juices in. It also offers a programmable temperature control [...]

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VitalGrill Barbecue

Car turbos work by blasting more air into the intake chamber to eke out more power from the engine. Take that principle and put it into a grill, then you get the VitalGrill Barbecue. Using a blower at the bottom, the grill can deliver 20,000 [...]

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Porter BBQ Tray

Got no time nor patience for going back and forth inside the house when you’re grilling? Quirky heeds your call with the Porter Grab and Grill BBQ Tray. The multi-purpose tray has separate spaces for cooked and uncooked food, as well as a handy tray [...]

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Thinking tangentially is the clever mind behind the GrillComb. Why bother with skewering your food on a long, unwieldy stick when you can just stick them together, hassle-free in this comb-like implement. Not only is it easier now to arrange the things that need grilling [...]

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Element Smokeless BBQ

Don’t let the rain or foul weather stop you from following your carnivorous ways and grilling your meat with the Element. The ideacious project by Joshua Brasse is a smokeless grill, using a unique method for cooking. Powered by gas or an electric stove, the [...]

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Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5

There’s an engineering term that’s abbreviated as K.I.S.S., which stands for ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Alright, it’s not exclusive for engineers, but it works for almost all things that are relevant. The Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5″ is a prime example. It has a hinge on [...]

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John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

Leave the menial tasks like vacuuming the floor and mowing the lawn to robots, just like how scientists envisioned the future for us. The future is now and John Deere is out to prove that with their autonomous mower, the Tango E5. You don’t need [...]

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