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The Wallet Ninja

Tired of Johnny Law always confiscating your multi-tools whenever you’re flying? Time to go the ninja route - the Wallet Ninja route that is. The credit card-sized implement houses 16 tools in one neat package. This includes a screwdriver, a can opener, bottle opener and […]

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Repair Rebel Multitool

Bikers will be the first to know the importance of having the right implement when on the road. With the Repair Rebel Multitool, you can say goodbye to traditional tools and bring this one along. It has an unusual setup since all 24 tools are […]

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Master dialSpeed Lock

Conventional wisdom will tell us that there are certain things in the world that can’t be digitized. But Master Locks proves us wrong with the introduction of the dialSpeed line of padlocks. Instead of the typical number combo, the dialSpeed uses a password; just input […]

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Dremel 4200

No self-respecting DIY-er should be without a Dremel. If you’re just joining in that wonderful club, you’re lucky because if the Dremel 4200 rotary tool would be your first, then you’re set. It’s versatile because you can change the accessories for cutting, grinding or drilling […]

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Dead On Annihilator Superhammer

The two categories that you need to know when you’re selecting a tool during a zombie apocalypse are: that it can be used in a various ways and that it can surely smash the undead’s skull. The Dead On Annihilator Superhammer qualifies on both categories […]

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Rip Cord Tape

Unpacking stuffs out from the box might be less of a job if you secured your boxes using the Rip Cord Tape. This ingenious piece of a tool features a small yet noticeable bluish purple string located at the center of the tape that separates […]

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During a zombie outbreak, the next catastrophe that will come is power outage. And what you need to survive are disaster gears like flashlights and first aids, canned goods plus a good weapon. Sure, guns are great for killing the invading undead and looters, but […]

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Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer

They say that premium quality equipments give out more and make fewer accidents. I think that phrase goes to the Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer. This modern sledge hammer features a sturdy steel-cored handle, uniquely designed and drop-forged to give you more visibility while swinging. A […]

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Gerber Apocalypse Kit

A swarm of zombies, a group of hungry cannibalistic thugs or some crazy folks? They’re not a problem when you gear yourselves up with good armaments. And whenover equipping is your only chance of survival, you better grab some awesome tools like the Gerber Apocalypse […]

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Space Invaders Multi-Tool

The official name of this implement is the Space Intruders Multi-Tool. But who are they kidding? It’s clearly an alien from Taito’s Space Invaders and they’ve come here to finally assert their dominance. Well, dominance over screws and bottle caps that is. It’s a keychain […]

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