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Philips Friends of Hue

The clever Philips Hue lightbulb won’t be alone now because it can have companions of its own. Philips is introducing the Friends of Hue, a collection of new products that interact with your existing Hue lightbulb and app. First friend is the LivingColors Bloom, an […]

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Repair Rebel Multitool

Bikers will be the first to know the importance of having the right implement when on the road. With the Repair Rebel Multitool, you can say goodbye to traditional tools and bring this one along. It has an unusual setup since all 24 tools are […]

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Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Getting smart at the control level is the Belkin WeMo Light Switch. Basically, it transforms your innocent wall switch into something smarter, that’s controllable through an app on your iDevice or Android-powered gadget. Compatible with a one-way switch with a neutral wire, you can ‘talk’ […]

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Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper

Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper Year in and year out, a bunch of big, burly men with bludgeons in their hands and knives at their feet fight tooth (literally) and nail to get the chance to kiss the oldest trophy in North America. We’ll do you […]

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Go Away! Doormat

When you don’t feel like being bothered by anyone - not by Jehovah’s Witnesses or the gas man, you can conveniently roll out this fantastic piece of home accessory. The two words are very clearly written on the doormat, and the message can’t be any […]

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BBQ Dragon

In a little over a fortnight, the National Day of Grilling (aka Independence Day) will be going in earnest. A good grill needs the proper fire and you should really let the BBQ Dragon help your cause. Instead of breathing fire, this dragon gives life […]

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Motorized Grill Brush

Everybody volunteers to man the grill when it’s good and ready. But when it’s cleaning time, then everyone disappears. It’s just a fact of life. Maybe if you have the Motorized Grill Brush with a steam cleaner, then somebody might volunteer. A push of the […]

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X Rocker Rebel 2.1

Stay out of the couch and get rid of that grimy bean bag on your next gaming party. What you need is the ultra-cool X Rocker Rebel 2.1. The leather rocking chair is loaded with a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, because gaming is […]

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Stout Bottle Opener

Check out this deceivingly elegant and sophisticated product that’s uniquely designed to open your bottle without twisting its cap. The Stout Bottle Opener comes with a built-in magnet that keeps caps from falling away. It has drywall anchors, with various screws and a sticky pad […]

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Napoleon PRO22K Charcoal Grill

There’s not one dude in the world who has manned the grill that haven’t proclaimed himself as a professional. With the Napoleon PRO22K Professional Charcoal Grill, he can at least say that he used a pro tool, even if the results say otherwise. The PRO22K […]

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