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Fossil Aeroflite

Following the tried and tested ‘K.I.S.S.’ formula is Fossil with the Aeroflite leather strap watch. In case you’re wondering, K.I.S.S. stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Silly’. Or if you’re particularly exasperated, ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ would also work. Nothing too garish or out-of-this-world for the […]

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Orient M-Force Power Reserve

We’ve sung all kinds of praises for automatic watches. We like how they look, and how much careful engineering has been put to create them. Each one has its own distinction and function, but the most useful might be the power reserve function. It’s important […]

Hugo Boss Round Chronograph

We all want a Rolex Daytona. Paul Newman had one, as well as Rob Lowe and Stephan Winkelmann of Lamborghini. But that watch’s price is beyond the reach of the common man. You can either get the watch then sell one of your children, or […]

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Apart from their aggressive looks and insane specs, supercars announce their authority over beaters with their color. The louder the color combo, the prouder. That’s probably the idea behind the 2014 Swatch XXSPEED. Coming from the Swatch Originals collection, the quartz watch comes in green […]

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Giorgio Fedon Mechanical IV

True watch fans could go on and on about the beauty and all the important features that mechanical watches possess. But some of them cost more than your car and house combined. Maybe a few important internal organs would also go missing if you want […]

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Casio G-Shock Aviation

The one thing pilots cannot leave without before flying is not booze, but a wristwatch. When all else fails in the cockpit, a fully-functioning watch can mean the difference between landing safely and a permanent vacation. Casio has those high-fliers specifically in mind when they […]

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HUGO BOSS 1512500 Chronograph

Elegance and sportiness combine for the HUGO BOSS 1512500 Chronograph. Add in an incredibly huge discount and you’ve got yourself another winner with this watch. It’s large, with a 44mm-wide case made of stainless steel. The quartz movement features three subdials that are fully functional […]

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Wenger Commando Traveler GMT

Fit for any field commander or even your garden-variety weekend warrior, the Wenger Commando Traveler GMT 74745 looks and plays the part. Housed in a 42mm stainless steel case, the watch has a busy yet functional dial. It has a dual time function, displayed by […]

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Swatch Year of the Horse

January 31, 2014 is the start of the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. Getting in on the action is Swatch with their special Chinese New Year watch. There are plenty of watches remembering the Lunar New Year (which you can see […]

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TW Steel CE2004 CEO Tonneau

It’s a brand-new year and it’s about time that you update your watch collection. TW Steel provides a nice alternative to the familiar round case wristwatch with the CE2004 CEO Tonneau. Coming with that fantastic shape, the case is made of high-grade 316L steel with […]

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