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Sidekick LX 3G

Do you remember before all the iPhone craze when the Sidekick was the hottest thing on the cell phone market? Well they are back to show that they have still got it with the Sidekick LX 3G, which features a 3.2″ screen, and a 3.2 megapixel camera, not to mention support for social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. $200.

USB Cell Phone Booster

USB Cell Phone Booster
If you love your cell phone service provider, but you get service everywhere except in the most important of places, your house, then this product is for you. Simply plug the device into your computer’s USB port and boost your signal by up to 3 bars instantly. $100

LG Versa: No More Typing Problems!

There are times in our lives that we really need to type lots of stuff just to get the message across. When these situations arise we need to turn to the LG Versa. It comes with an attachable QWERTY keyboard that combines with the Versa’s accelerometer to let you type efficiently in landscape mode. Other features include an animated 3-inch touch screen interface, a 2-megapixel camera, an HTML Web browser (with Flash and RSS feed support) and Verizon Wireless’ V Cast Music with Rhapsody and V Cast Video services. $200.

Out of Aces: The High-Roller Gentleman's Guide

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Samsung OMNIA HD: All in Wonder

Maybe it’s time to replace your point-and-shoot, Flip and current mobile phone with the all new and hot gadget from Samsung — the OMNIA HD. This is everything you need which is an all-in-wonder that has 3.7-inch 360×640 AMOLED screen, HSUPA 3G networking, GPS, Bluetooth, 8 or 16GB of internal storage, a MicroSDHC slot, and more. The thing that’s a highlight for this is the 8MP camera that’s the same as a Sony Cybershot that has face detection and the function to shoot 24fps 720p HD video! COOLNESS! $TBA.

LG Solar Powered Phone: Life’s Good Green

LG Solar Powered Phone: Lifes Good Green
Not to be beaten by Samsung’s new Blue Earth handset, LG Electronics has debuted its own new solar powered cell phone. The most noticeable new features are of course the solar panels built in to the phone. LG said exposing the solar panel to the sun for a mere ten minutes will enable you to make a three-minute call. No pricing or release date have been announced, but if these recent moves by Samsung and LG are true indicators of energy trends, our gadget future will indeed be a lot more eco-friendly. $TBA.

Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman Phone
If your looking for a phone to make all your iPhone friends jealous, then look no further than Sony Ericsson’s new W995 Walkman Phone. This slider has all the normal features such as bluetooth, 3G and WiFi, we get an 8.1 megapixel camera, complete with flash and autofocus, 8GB of internal storage to store them all, GPS with GoogleMaps, and even the ability to function as a DLNA media server. This one should really be on your wish list. $TBA.

Cellphone Signal Extender: No More Bad Reception

Cellphone Signal Extender: No More Bad Reception
Everyone owns a cellphone. Now what do you expect from network providers in order to cater quality service to their subscribers? Right, additional cell sites. But what if you still experience bad reception or you still suffer in agony every time you switch on your phone and find out there’s only one bar signal on it? Not surprisingly, this is the cause of dropped calls, or even garbled conversations. To get over these upsetting scenarios, the Cellphone Signal Extender was created. This simple yet helpful device improves your cellphone signals dramatically and is designed for home and office use. Plus, it is easy to install, simply mount the included antenna near a window and run the coax cable to the base booster unit. This works with any cellphone network providers, including yours! $250.

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