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LG Touch Watch Phone: Simply Amazing

LG Touch Watch Phone: Simply Amazing
LG has just come out with another gadget that almost everyone perhaps would dream of having. LG 3G Touch Watch Phone is apparently a phone that you can put right on your wrist. So there’s no hassle in bringing a bag or pouch with you when what you only need is a high-end phone. LG 3G Touch Watch phone has a built-in video-capable camera and speaker. It also has a 1.4-inch screen where you can read the messages stored on it, and an MP3 player so you can bring along your favorite music. $TBA.

Gun Phone Concept From Nokia

This Gun Phone Concept from Nokia is actually a Glock which was retrofitted with a Nokia 6020 by its ancient LCD display and keypad sticking out of the gun handle’s side. In my honest opinion, this wouldn’t make it in the mainstream market since once the phone rings while you are shooting the bad guys, your position will be seen immediately and would be exposed to the baddies!

YUBZ: Why You Busy?

YUBZ is your Retro mobile headset that will take you back to the yesteryears! YUBZ is actually short for “Why You Busy?” and come to think of it, it’s a nice question to ask when you want to keep a conversation going with a friend or a loved one. This thingamajig just plugs in to your mobile phone and you can take your calls using it and you’ll be the coolest on the block! It also has a cordless version with the help of Bluetooth. Both variants of YUBZ come with buttons for answering and hanging up, and is available in six colors, with adapters to fit most mobiles. Thanks to The Bachelor Guy for this find. $45+.

Nokia N97: Everything in One

Nokia N97: Everything in One

If you have been having a hard time looking for a cell phone that would suit all you needs, Nokia N97 is probably made for you. This cell phone has a 3.5 inch widescreen touch display with QWERTY keyboard. It also has 3G connectivity, 32GB on-board memory that is expandable up to 16GB, 5 megapixel camera, TV out, stereo sound jack, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. $700.

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Hugo Boss Samsung F480: Hoity-toity Handset

Hugo Boss Samsung F480: Hoity toity Handset
It mystifies us that many cellphones nowadays come out with their “Signatured” editions. Cellphones with designer fashion names on it, mostly. Samsung has come out with this Hugo Boss Samsung F480. What is its special features you ask? Nothing really. Except that little brand. Though F480 is a pretty sweet cellphone itself. You have to tread over to Europe to get yours. $620.

Bruce Lee Nokia N96: Hi’yaaa!

A fan of Bruce Lee? Nokia recently unveiled the limited edition N96 that features every Martial Arts fanboy’s hero, Bruce Lee. Don’t expect new features on the phone though, it’s only preloaded with rare photos of the actor. Fans would also enjoy the likeness and signature of Bruce Lee on the back of the phone, and enjoy some bonus goodies like a Bruce Lee action figure and a keychain. Bad news is, the phone is only out in China. Good news is, you can always import. $1,300.

Prada LG-KF900 and Link Watch: Sophisticated Technology

A product of tie-up of Prada and LG is a cell phone with a slide-out keyboard, 3G, 5MP camera. Included in the cell phone unit are Prada animated films and some themes and wallpapers. You may also want to try the Bluetooth-enabled “Link watch” that is capable of serving as your caller ID. Interestingly, it can also receive SMS messages. $800 - Phone, $400 - Watch

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