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Nokia E63: On The Go Messaging

With Nokia coming up with more and more smart phones, they included this little baby into the battlefield. The Nokia E63 is the newest QWERTY phone that doesn’t intimidate. It doesn’t matter if you’ll use it for business, personal or both, this phone is chock-full of features for your different lifestyles. This phone has Wi-Fi, Quad Band GSM, 3G connectivity and 2 megapixel camera. For a phone this jam-packed, it won’t strain your budget upon it’s release. $250.

Panasonic KX-TS710: Swiss Knife of Internet Phones

Panasonic’s TS710 is considered the Swiss Army Knife of internet phones available in the market. Interestingly, it has 3-in-1 functions: handset, speaker phone, and a PC speaker. $55

Motorola Aura: New School Cool

Have you ever thought a phone could look this good? The new Motorola Aura brings mobile phone design into a whole new level. Picture this: 16 million color display with 300 dpi resolution, a Swiss rotating mechanism which is used to open the phone smoothly and topped off with a 62-carat sapphire lens which is scratch free. Have you ever seen anything like this? Probably not. Look good and see for yourself a whole new mobile phone experience with the Motorola Aura. $2,000.

M830 Cell Phone Watch: Won’t Allow Time Travel

M830 Cell Phone Watch
M830 Cell Phone Watch

Here is a unique cell phone watch that looks like an egg. It looks like something that H.G. Wells would write about though in one of his novels, i.e. The Time Machine. What makes this handset cool is that its 18k gold-plated accents; it’s very steampunk looking. The M830 features Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, 1.5 inch color touch screen LCD display, microSD memory card slot, 1.3MP camera and supports audio and video playback. But, sorry folks, no time travel with this gadget… yet. $163.

Retro Bluetooth Headset: Bigger than your Cell Phone

Bluetooth is all the rage, with everyone trying to find the smallest, sleekest headset around. But, if you want to really be noticed, you will surely stand out from the crowd and draw attention with this oversized headset. This original design from ThinkGeek is a fully functional bluetooth headset, with a range of 30 feet and an included USB charger. Even if standing out from the crowd isn’t your thing, you’ll look crazy enough talking on this handset attached to nothing, that even the bums will be scared to ask you for change. $30.

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte: Nouveau & Awesome

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Maybe this Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte mobile phone can upgrade your social status. This luxurious handset casing is made from carbon fibre, stainless steel, polished glass, and lightweight titanium. It is absolutely not an ordinary phone. The cell phone offers a 3.2MP camera, 3G connectivity, a bright OLED Display, and 4GB of storage capacity. €1,100.

T-Mobile Sidekick

T-Mobile Sidekick
T-Mobile Sidekick

If you’re dying to get a Sidekick still, here’s one that has recently hit T-Mobile. It comes with a new web browser, 2-megapixel camera, video capture and playback, customizable shells, stereo bluetooth capability, and the famous swivel screen. $150.

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